NEW OUT of Nazi Zombies Nacht Der Untoten *TUTORIAL* No Mods – Call of Duty WaW

Clan FEAR Productions presents how to get out of nacht der untoten in nazi zombies. Found by killers2kill and talker1 SUBCRIBE! shi no numa ray gun wanderwaffle dg2 how to geet on top of corrison map pack call duty small bounce is person found by jackbean8822 need people get ontop corrosin subscribe Call Duty World at War Cod New Nazi Zombie Glitch Shi No Numa Mods Modern Warfare Swamp Verruckt Map Pack download hacks xbox 360 ps3 Wii tutorial transformers revenge the fallen doctors quarters …

25 responses to “NEW OUT of Nazi Zombies Nacht Der Untoten *TUTORIAL* No Mods – Call of Duty WaW”

  1. wOOtNINJAps3

    what about weapons and stuff?

  2. dancefattydance

    Wats so gr8 u cant get out idiots!!

  3. niyef360

    ummmmmmmm guys can u walk around>? :”{}+

  4. purplepeaK


  5. azdrifter520

    fucking faggot this bullshit chicken shit glitch doesnt work i hope you get fucked by a nigger named bubbah

  6. SpontaneYes

    Aha bunch of critics below me.
    kno of a few glitches myself.
    add me, PSN: SpontaneYes

  7. iTzN0sc0pez

    dude does it work xbox i ain’t got it to work yet on my 360

  8. Science1120

    tht was cool but kinda stupid cuz u cant c anything but cool man


  9. o0MILLZ0o

    ye good find but title is missleading but it is good suubed

  10. jheffyut

    the subscribe thing is in the way

  11. alexgator99

    thats kinda cool. What’s the first song? And the second? thnx. ive herd both b4 but idk wat they are

  12. gatorland7

    the first song is i hate everything about you by three days grace

    i dont know the second

  13. oABBO27o

    the second song is Thriller by Micheal Jackson

  14. clcl1997

    wrong the second song is dont stop till ya get enough by michael jackson

  15. peluzokiller

    that happend to me by accident

  16. CrackYouUpFilms

    whats a mod?

  17. JTelli786

    you need the computer version to do a “Mod” a mod is when you upload someting that isint in the game into the game, there have been serveral MOD zombie maps, its basicly when a computer nerd hacks the computer and the game and adds what ever he wants, he can put call of duty modern warfare weapons in call of duty world at war, just look up call of duty world at war zombie mods, there will be serveral newly desighned zombie maps.

  18. svr2010chris

    same with me

  19. kylecorby

    i did this glitch accidently nd its poinles cos u cant go onto the nxt round

  20. RagingBull158

    clan fear can suck a dogs dick

  21. VikrzNdFreeman

    you can do that on xbox now so you don’t NEED the computer version

  22. hutchzz

    Its impossible to get outside. Well its not impossible its just as soon as you get out you die and float in the air because there is a death barrier which is why there are no vids of people actually walking around outside

  23. hutchzz

    and jtelli there are tons of mods for xbox. the pc isnt the only thing that cant be modded

  24. coolsk8er465

    ur not OUT OF THE map

  25. AussieRaver1996

    lol i did the same thing in the help room where the crack was… , nice

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